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Upcoming Courses:

1.Academy Of Sciences Malaysia (asm)
   Sti Management Training Course For Researchers In Oic Countries 14/09/14-23/09/14closing:30/06/14
2.Cidb Holdings
   Construction Training Program - Mixed Development 14/09/14-25/09/14closing:01/08/14
3.Centre For Instructor And Advanced Skill Training (ciast)
   Curriculum Development Based On Vocational Ability Structure (cudbas) Facilitation Skills & Techniques 14/10/14-31/10/14closing:11/07/14
   Vocational Training Methodology 14/10/14-31/10/14closing:11/07/14
4.Cooperative College Of Malaysia (mkm)
   Certificate In Co-operative Management 07/09/14-20/09/14closing:27/06/14
   Certificate In Co-operative Poverty Reduction For Selected African Countries 07/09/14-20/09/14closing:27/06/14
   Certificate In Co-operative Microfinance 07/09/14-20/09/14closing:27/06/14
5.Department Of Standards Malaysia (standards Malaysia)
   Training Programme On Halal Standards And Conformance Infrastructure For Oic Countries 03/09/14-09/09/14closing:30/07/14
6.English Language Training Centre (eltc)
   Teaching With Technology, Learning By Design 08/09/14-26/09/14closing:31/05/14
7.Fire And Rescue Department Of Malaysia (bomba)
   Intenational Structural Fire Fighting (isff) Course 27/10/14-07/11/14closing:18/08/14
8.Institute For Health Management (ihm)
   Epidemiological Intelligence & Management Programme (eimp) 02/09/14-26/09/14closing:26/09/14
9.Institute For Rural Advancement (infra)
   Course On: Rural Transformation Programme For Aardo Member Countries (the Malaysian Experience) 14/09/14-26/09/14closing:18/07/14
   Course On: Rural Transformation Programme For Asean And Latin American Countries (the Malaysian Experience) 14/09/14-26/09/14closing:18/07/14
10.Institute Of Diplomacy And Foreign Relations (idfr)
   Mtcp: Executive Workshop On Security And Diplomacy For Senior Level Government Officials 25/08/14-29/08/14closing:23/07/14
   Mtcp: Strategic Analysis For International Participants 2014 08/09/14-26/09/14closing:01/08/14
11.International Institute Of Public Policy And Management (inpuma), University Of Malaya
   Managing Diversity In A Globalising World: The Way Forward 08/09/14-19/09/14closing:04/07/14
12.Malaysia Anti-corruption Academy (maca)
   Executive Certificate Course For Strategic Management Of Anti-corruption Program 01/09/14-12/09/14closing:01/08/14
13.Malaysian Correctional Academy (akm)
   Certificate In Human Development Plan 01/09/14-28/09/14closing:01/08/14
14.Petronas Management Training Sdn Bhd (instep)
   Nurturing A Competitive Supervisor In Oil, Gas And Petrochemical 08/11/14-21/11/14closing:31/08/14
15.South East Asian Ministers Of Education Organization, Regional Centre For Education In Science And Mathematics (recsam)
   Professional Development Programme For Science Teacher Educators Of Pif And Latin American Countries 08/09/14-26/09/14closing:04/07/14
16.The Southeast Asia Regional Centre For Counter-terrorism (searcct)
   Cbrne - First Responder Training Programme 22/09/14-27/09/14closing:01/08/14